Your first visit will consist of a comprehensive exam that will review your medical and dental history, oral cancer screening, and an evaluation of your gums, teeth, and bite.  Each treatment suite is equipped with intra-oral cameras for better visualization.

The foundation of oral health rests on the condition of your gums.  We provide cleanings to ensure that your gums are healthy and able to sustain your teeth for a lifetime.  From preventative cleanings to non-surgical periodontal cleanings, our goal is to eliminate inflammation.

Whether you will require a simple tooth-colored filling or a more extensive ceramic restoration, we offer an array of services to ensure we can treat your teeth in the most conservative yet predictable way.


We offer a way to straighten your teeth without the use of metal brackets or wire. Our office is equipped with the i-Tero intra-oral scanner that allows us to scan your mouth in minutes and eliminates the need for traditional impressions.


While regular visits to the dentist can help reduce emergency treatment, we are here to help alleviate pain.  From tooth colored fillings to root canals and extractions, we strive to make the best out of a not-so-ideal situation.

Who doesn't want a brighter, whiter smile these days?  We can help you by making customized trays or an in-office procedure.  We also offer products that help reduce post op sensitivity sometimes resulting from whitening.